Punjabi food restaurant in jaipur

Punjabi restaurant in jaipur

You can locate our restaurant from afar. Very unusual exteriors. A truck’s nose overlooking the road from the first floor will definitely boggle you and the moment you step inside, you will instantly feel desi. With bamboo roof, wooden windows, wooden wheels, a well in the middle and a chabootra, peetal ke bartan this place will definitely remind you of a Punjabi pind.

There are three type of sitting: one on the truck, second on khaats and third on chairs and tables and a special one with swings as seats. You will notice that every table is uniquely painted with lots of bright colors reminding you of those doodles on a truck. The decor elements are also brought from pinds of Punjab to intensify the theme. The owners, Rajesh and Nitin have beautifully crafted this jazzy dhaba and have added fine details to almost everything.

Our Location: A3, Lohia Colony, Vaishali Nagar

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